Monday, December 1, 2014

Bracelet made for and donated to The Imagine Bus Project benefit "Finding Your Wings".. ("We focus on exposing youth to creative opportunities and artists, with the belief that art has the power to save lives and put adjudicated youth on a path towards a future in which they are healthy and empowered to lead creative and productive lives.")

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Washington, a place to call home...for a little while anyways

We have been enjoying exploring this new state we call home now! CC is thriving here, and we all love the fact that we are together every evening!   

Longing for some studio time (part 2)

...and an update. Being a mama of a one year old I've had to learn to juggle the ever demanding role as a full time badass house mum (please indulge me, it's been a long day!) and the ever growing pull towards my work/art. I have so many designs dancing through my head, trying to sketch them out on a wet wipe while also trying to change my son's diaper, or finding a crumpled receipt (from target, for diapers) to sketch..and always in need of a pencil! Needless to say thing have been hectic! But good, and finding time for my two loves! Family and art! Now in Seattle for a time I have started painting again to keep my creative mind sharp..

Watercolor on paper (crumpled courtesy of CC)  

Longing for studio time!

These are some things I did ages ago! Necklace client sent in broken (rough) turquoise earrings. And the earrings are my start to the next collection that has been dancing around in my head!

a bit late on the posting...but what's new?

He is one! (On March way late on this post...but what's new?) He's getting soo much personality! And he has just started walking! Super fun! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


We are moving to Seattle for a bit! Mark is back and forth.We waited to take 11 month pic until he was Cruzer is 11 months + 1 week...And so much fun!!!